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Is Trypophobia a Skin Disease?

What comes to most peoples mind when they hear the word Trypophobia is skin disease, but unfortunately, Trypophobia is not a skin disease. Trypophobia can be defined the irrational and intense fear of holes.  Trypophobia is gotten from the Greek word “trypos” which means drilling or punching holes and “phobia” which means fear.

The term was introduced in the mid 2000s and since then received a lot of attention from the media, scientists and the general public at large.  The topic is widely discussed on various websites. There exists no formal definition of trypophobia as it is not accepted by the American psychiatric association. The internet being an effective means of communication between different people throughout the world is also competent of communicating various kinds of content and the nature of this type of communication might be one of the reasons why trypophobia was reported recently. Trypophobia is not an invention of the internet rather the internet a spur for the acknowledgment of this condition.

The major reason why most people think Trypophobia is a skin disease is because of several trypophic pictures shown on skins on the internet; an example of such pictures is the one below which shows a irregular pattern on the Skin of a particular girl. Most of this pictures are fictious but some of them are indeed real.


Based on the above picture, it is thus reasonable to conclude that Trypophobia there is no such thing as Trypophobia skin disease but rather trypophobic skin images which can be defined as images that are capable of scaring those who are trypophobic.

More also, because Trypophobia is not a skin disease, it means it is not communicable. You cant contract it by having a physical contact with one who is trypophobic but you can contract a disease or an inflammation which can trigger Trypophobia in other People.

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