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Take A Trypophobia Test Online Now

The best and most effective way to check if you are trypophobic or not Is by taking an online Trypophobia test. There are several model of such quiz online, but one fascinating thing about most of this test is that they all involve exposing one to trypophobic pictures of different kinds, such a picture might include those on Skins, which are sometimes referred to as Trypophobia Skin disease by people and your level of reaction to these pictures will determine if you are trypophobic or not.

The Trypophobia test model that is being used on this blog is that of Prince Molak, one of the famous scientists who have worked on Trypophobia. The basic rule of this test Is that you have to scroll through the trypophobic pictures below and you grade yourself based on your reaction to this test. A bit of sincerity Is indeed needed.

In other words, when you see a picture that scares you or makes you feel nauseated, you record the grade score assigned to such picture and sum it all together afterwards.

So here are the pictures, spend at least 5 seconds on each Pictures

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Test Result

20-25Extremely Trypophobia
10-8Somewhat Trypophobia
8-5Slight Fear

Are you trypophobic or not, Pls share your result with us using the comment form below

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